We help increase the profitability of the project and reduce the cost. The ratio of high quality and cost of the project thus increasing the attractiveness of the product obtained.

What we
  • Architectural engineering buildings, residential and office complexes, shopping centers.
  • Interior design: apartments, houses, restaurants.
  • Conceptual design.
  • Landscape design.
  • Author's supervision.
  • Object design.
  • Selection of materials and equipment of the object.
  • Development and production of designer furniture.
What is our

Working with us is a budget optimization, saving money and time,we give our discounts on materials up to 50%


We help to increase project profitability, and reduce cost price.Ratio high quality and economy project increases attractiveness for investors and consumers


We consider each of our projects as a valuable asset for the client, so we commit ourselves to making the project a distinct individuality


We conduct all stages of the project from the sketch to the end of the construction work, interior design, and the assembly of the object. This increases efficiency and simplifies the project implementation process for you


Functionality of the facility, solutions providing convenience and speed of their implementation, innovative solutions and techniques.


Save on the design project 30% You can order full design project in our studio from any city. All you need is give us photos, and measurements.

How we
  1. Free specialist consultation
  2. Pre-project research, preparation of those tasks
  3. Development of the concept
  4. Approval of the project and approval of the budget, signing of the contract
  5. Development of project documentation
Chief Architect. Graduated from KNUBA in 2010.More than 13 years of professional experience.The founder of the architectural studio in 2009.
Andriy Voskolovich
Kate Platonova
Project Manager
Diana Voskolovich
Mechanical Engineer
Ovcharenko Roman
Isarov Viktor